Introduction of test for approval by end user

In this order, there are other test requirements that require end user approval as follows, which are also other key content for third-party inspection to test.

CHEMICAL COMPOSTION, ALL ITEMS acc. to the material standard

This test, because there are many carbon steel products, and the chemical composition analysis equipment in our factory can only read the chemical composition of stainless steel products and alloy steel products.

So for these carbon steel items were arranged to be tested in the laboratory, and the results are qualified.

MECHANICAL TEST, ALL ITEMS acc. to the material standard

For the test of mechanical properties, the client mainly arranged the hardness test and BENDING TEST.

For hardness test, our factory has the portable HL hardness tester, as shown below.

Test for approval by end user

Test for approval by end user

The test went well and passed.

The bending test, we prepare test blocks during the production process, because the test can only be arranged in the laboratory. The test process is as follows, and the result is qualified.

These tests went well, just the procedures were a bit cumbersome, our factory didn’t have all the equipment, so have to went to the local laboratory several times. But we must cooperate with third-party testing according to the requirements of client, which is our responsibility to clients.