MSS SP-97 ASTM A105N Sockolet

At Haihao Group, we are committed to delivering top-notch piping solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients. The MSS SP-97 ASTM A105N sockolet is a critical component in high-pressure and high-temperature piping systems, providing reliable and robust branch connections. Its adherence to strict standards and specifications ensures safety, durability, and performance, making it an essential fitting in various industrial applications.

Sockolet MSS SP-97 ASTM A105N

Sockolet MSS SP-97 ASTM A105N

Product Overview

Product Name: Sockolet


Size: 6″ NB x 1 1/2″ NB

Pressure Rating: 6000#

Material: Forged Steel ASTM A105N

Dimensions: MSS SP-97

End Connection: Socket Weld End (ASME B16.11)

Certification: Complete with EN 10204-3.1 Certificate

What is a Sockolet?

A sockolet is a type of branch fitting designed for high-pressure applications. It provides a secure and leak-proof connection between a larger pipe and a smaller branch pipe. The primary advantage of using a sockolet is its ability to offer a strong, welded connection without compromising the integrity of the main pipeline.

Key Features of Our Sockolet

Superior Material:

Made from high-quality forged steel ASTM A105N, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Precision Engineering:

Conforms to MSS SP-97 dimensions, guaranteeing a perfect fit and reliable performance in your piping system.

High Pressure Rating:

Rated at 6000#, making it ideal for high-pressure applications, ensuring safety and performance under extreme conditions.

Socket Weld End:

The socket weld end (ASME B16.11) ensures a secure and leak-proof connection, facilitating easy installation and maintenance.

Certified Quality:

Comes with an EN 10204-3.1 certificate, providing assurance of the product’s quality and compliance with international standards.

Benefits of Using Our Sockolet

Enhanced Strength:

The forged steel construction provides exceptional strength, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Improved Safety:

The high-pressure rating and socket weld connection reduce the risk of leaks, enhancing the overall safety of your piping system.

Compliance with Standards:

Manufactured to meet stringent industry standards, ensuring compatibility and reliability in various industrial applications.

Versatile Application:

Ideal for use in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, and more, where high-pressure and high-temperature conditions are common.

Why Choose Haihao Group?

At Haihao Group, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our products are designed and manufactured using the latest technology and highest quality materials. By choosing our sockolet, you are investing in a product that offers unmatched reliability and performance.

The MSS SP-97 ASTM A105N sockolet is an essential component for any high-pressure piping system. Its superior material, precise dimensions, and certified quality make it the perfect choice for ensuring the integrity and reliability of your pipelines. Trust Haihao Group for all your piping needs, and experience the difference in quality and performance.

For more information or to place an order, please contact us today. We look forward to providing you with the best piping solutions available.