Our company estimate the impact of new investigation from US

The investigation of anti-dumping duty and countervailing duty announcement is a big news to our flanges manufacturer.It is about the stainless steel flanges which HS.CODE is 7301210000 and 7301215000.This investigation is not only aim at Chinese manufacturer,the india stainless steel flanges manufacturers are also under this investigation.(US start antidumping investigation of stainless steel flanges from China)

As an important flange producer in China,our company exports a lot of forged flanges to U.S. markets.Nearly half of our flanges are stainless steel material.We contacted our clients in America to face this new situation.

Now we have to wait for the result until 2018.If the final decision of antidumping tax duty is more than 79.93%,it will injury our competitiveness in United States definitely.The good news is U.S. Market is not the majority in our exporting business.