The definition and advantage of 3PE

The definition:

3PE anticorrosion pipes are external coating pipes with three layer polyethylene, which is domestic common anticorrosion pipeline. Also there are other anticorrosion methods, such as IPN8710, FBE epoxy powder and epoxy coal pitch. It means external coating of pipes.

The anticorrosion form of external wall of pipes:

3PE has three layers, the first layer is epoxy powder (FBE>100um),the second layer is adhesive ((AD)170~250um) , the third is polyethylene ((PE)2.5~3.7mm).

3PE anticorrosion insulated steel pipe

3PE anticorrosion insulated steel pipe

The advantage:

Ordinary pipes can corrode seriously under bad environment condition, which will reduce useful life. The life time of anticorrosion pipes is longer, commonly used 30-50 years. And correct install and use can reduce maintenace cost.

The insulation performance of 3PE anti-corrosion insulation steel pipe is good,its heat loss is only 25 percents of traditional pipe.If 3PE anti-corrosion insulation steel pipe can be used for long time,it can save resources,and obviously reduce power cost,and it has strong anti-water and anticorrosion performance.

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