Welding method of pipe spools

We received an inquiry from an old customer in Tunisia this week. The inquiry content of the customer is steel pipe welding flange. There are many customers who need steel pipe spools in the last two years. Today we are going to learn about the welding method of pipe spools.

According to the use and pipe, the commonly used connection methods are: thread connection, flange connection, welding, groove connection (clamp connection), sleeve type connection, compression connection, hot melt connection, socket connection, etc.

Stainless steel flanged pipes

Stainless steel flanged pipes

1.Flange connection

Pipes with large diameters are connected with flanges, which are generally used to connect valves, check valves, water meters, water pumps and other places in the main road, as well as pipe sections that need to be disassembled and repaired frequently.  If galvanized pipe is welded or flanged, the welding place should be galvanized or anticorrosive twice.

2.The welding

Welding is suitable for non-galvanized steel pipe, mostly used for concealed pipe and large diameter pipe, and more applications in high-rise buildings.  Special joint or welding can be used for copper pipe connection. When the pipe diameter is less than 22mm, socket or sleeve welding should be used. The socket should be installed to meet the flow of medium.  Stainless steel pipe can be socket welding.

Stainless steel forged threaded elbow A182 F316 90 degree

Stainless steel forged threaded elbow A182 F316 90 degree

3.Threaded connection

Threaded connection is the use of threaded pipe fittings connection, pipe diameter is less than or equal to 100mm galvanized steel pipe should be connected with threads, used in open installation pipeline.  Steel – plastic composite pipe is generally connected with thread.  Galvanized steel pipe should be connected by thread. The surface of galvanized layer damaged by thread setting should be treated with anti-corrosion.  Flange or clamp sleeve special pipe fittings should be used for connection, and the welding place of galvanized steel pipe and flange should be galvanized twice.

4.Socket connection  

Used for connecting cast iron pipes and fittings for water supply and drainage.  There are two types of flexible connection and rigid connection. The flexible connection is sealed with rubber ring, and the rigid connection is sealed with asbestos cement or expansive packing. Lead can be used for important occasions.

Our pipe spools have been used in large projects in many countries, if you also need them, please send us your inquiry.