S32750 use environment and application field

S32750 material is a super duplex stainless steel designed for applications requiring excellent strength and corrosion resistance.The following is about the use environment and application field of S32750 material:

Corrosion resistance and main use environment:
The high chromium and molybdenum content of S32750 dual phase steel makes it have strong overall corrosion resistance to organic acids such as formic acid and acetic acid. Moreover, dual phase steel also has strong corrosion resistance to inorganic acids, especially those containing chloride. Compared with 904L, S32750 dual phase steel has stronger corrosion resistance to diluted sulfuric acid mixed with chloride ions. 904L is an alloy in austenitic state, which is specially used to resist pure sulfuric acid corrosion. 316L cannot be used in hydrochloric acid environment. It may be subject to local corrosion or overall corrosion. Dual phase steel is used in diluted hydrochloric acid environment and has strong resistance to pitting corrosion and interstitial corrosion.

LR 90 Degree Elbow ASME B16.9 ASTM A815 32750

LR 90 Degree Elbow ASME B16.9 ASTM A815 32750

Application fields:

1) Oil and gas industry equipment;

2) Offshore platform, heat exchanger, underwater equipment and fire fighting equipment;

3) Chemical processing industry, utensils and pipelines;

4) Desalination, high-pressure RO equipment and submarine pipeline;

5) Energy industry, such as power plant desulfurization and denitration FGD system, industrial scrubbing system and absorption tower;

6) Mechanical parts (high-strength, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts)

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