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Seamless steel pipes

Seamless steel pipes,as the name suggests,are steel pipes without a seam or a weld-joint.Seamless steel pipe is a tubular section or hollow cylinder,usually but not necessarily of circular cross-section.Seamless steel pipes are mainly used for boiler and pressure vessel,automotive area,oil well,and equipment components.

ASTM A53 Grade B seamless steel pipes

ASTM A53 Grade B seamless steel pipes

Seamless steel pipes product details:


OD: 1/8″-24″

Wall thickness: 1.73mm-60mm;

Length: 2m/3m/4m/5.8m/6m/8m/9m/12m and other size according to the contract.

Pipe End: plain or threaded with socket or beveled with plastic caps

Surface: Lightly oiled,hot dip galvanized,electro galvanized,black,bare,varnish coating/anti rust oil,protective coatings (coal tar epoxy,fusion bonded epoxy-FBE, 2PE/3PE)

Packing: Plastic plugs in both ends,hexagonal bundles with several steel strips,wrapped in waterproof paper,PVC sleeve,and sackcloth with several steel strips,plastic caps,wooden case packing or client option.

Test: Chemical Component Analysis,Mechanical Properties (Ultimate tensile strength,Yield strength,Elongation), Technical Properties (Flattening Test,Bending Test,Hardness Test,Impact Test), Exterior Size Inspection, Hydrostatic Test,NDT Test ( ET,UT,MT,PT,X-ray test )

Standards of seamless steel pipes:

AISI standard
ASTM standard
ASTM A53 Gr.B Black and hot-dipped zinc-coated steel pipes welded and seamless
ASTM A106 Gr.B Seamless carbon steel for high temperature service
ASTM SA179 Seamless cold-drawn low-carbon steel heat exchanger and condenser tubes
ASTM SA192 Seamless carbon steel boiler tubes for high pressure
ASTM SA210 Seamless Medium-carbon boiler and superheater tubes
ASTM A213/A213M(ASME SA213/ SA213M)

TP304, TP304L, TP304H, TP310, TP310S, TP316, TP316L, TP316Ti, TP317, TP317L, TP321, TP321H, TP347, TP347H

Seamless alloy-steel boiler, superheater, and heat-exchanger tubes

TP304, TP304L, TP304H, TP310, TP310S, TP316, TP316L, TP316Ti, TP317, TP317L, TP321, TP321H, TP347, TP347H

Seamless Austenitic Stainless Steel Tubing for General Service
ASTM A312/A321M(ASME SA312/ SA312)

TP304, TP304L, TP304H, TP310, TP310S, TP316, TP316L, TP316Ti, TP317, TP317L, TP321, TP321H, TP347, TP347H

Standard specification for seamless, straight-seam welded, and cold worked welded austenitic stainless steel pipe intended for high-temperature and general corrosive service.
ASTM A333 GR3,GR6 This specification covers wall seamless and welded carbon and alloy steel pipe intended for use at low temperatures
ASTM A335 P9,P11,T22,T91 Seamless ferritic alloy-steel pipe for high-temperature service
ASTM A336 Alloy steel forgings for pressure and high-temperature parts

MT304, MT304L, MT304H, MT310, MT310S, MT316, MT316L, MT317, MT317L, MT321, MT321H, MT347

Seamless Stainless Steel Mechanical Tubing
ASTM SA519 4140/4130 Seamless carbon for mechanical tubing
ASTM A789 / A789M

S31803, S32205, S32750

Seamless Duplex Stainless Steel Tubing for General Service
ASTM A790 / A790M

S31803, S32205, S32750

Seamless Duplex Stainless Steel Pipes
API standard API Spec 5CT J55/K55/N80/L80/P110/K55 Seamless steel pipe for casing
API Spec 5L PSL1/PSL2 Gr.b, X42/46/52/56/65/70 Seamless steel pipe for line pipe
DIN standard DIN 17175 Seamless steel tube for elevated temperature
DN 2391-1 Seamless precision steel tubes
DIN 1629 Seamless circular tubes of non alloys steel with special quality requirement
EN standard EN 10208 Seamless steel pipes for pipeline fluids
EN 10216

1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4541, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4571, 1.4878, 1.4432, 1.4462

Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes for Pressure Purposes
JIS standard JIS G3454,G3455,G3456 Carbon steel pipe for pressure service
JIS G4303,G4304,G4305,G4312 Stainless steel pipe
GB standard GB/T8162-2008 Seamless steel pipe for structural purpose
GB/TB8163-2008 Seamless steel pipe for liquid service
GB/3087-1999 Seamless steel tubes for low and medium boiler
GB/5310-1995 Seamless steel tubes for high pressure boiler
GB/T5312-1999 C10, C20 Seamless carbon steel marine tubes
GB/6479-2000 High-pressure seamless steel tubes for chemical fertilizer equipment

We can also process seamless pipe orders to client provided specifications.

ASTM A106 seamless steel pipes

ASTM A106 seamless steel pipes

Chemical components and mechanical properties of seamless steel pipes:

Standard Grade Chemical Components (%) Mechanical Properties
C Si Mn P S Tensile STrength(Mpa) Yield STrength(Mpa)
ASTM A53 A ≤0.25 ≤0.95 ≤0.05 ≤0.06 ≥330 ≥205
B ≤0.30 ≤1.2 ≤0.05 ≤0.06 ≥415 ≥240
ASTM A106 A ≤0.30 ≥0.10 0.29-1.06 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 ≥415 ≥240
B ≤0.35 ≥0.10 0.29-1.06 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 ≥485 ≥275
ASTM SA179 A179 0.06-0.18 0.27-0.63 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 ≥325 ≥180
ASTM SA192 A192 0.06-0.18 ≤0.25 0.27-0.63 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 ≥325 ≥180
API 5L PSL1 A 0.22 0.90 0.030 0.030 ≥331 ≥207
B 0.28 1.20 0.030 0.030 ≥414 ≥241
X42 0.28 1.30 0.030 0.030 ≥414 ≥290
X46 0.28 1.40 0.030 0.030 ≥434 ≥317
X52 0.28 1.40 0.030 0.030 ≥455 ≥359
X56 0.28 1.40 0.030 0.030 ≥490 ≥386
X60 0.28 1.40 0.030 0.030 ≥517 ≥448
X65 0.28 1.40 0.030 0.030 ≥531 ≥448
X70 0.28 1.40 0.030 0.030 ≥565 ≥483
API 5L PSL2 B 0.24 1.20 0.025 0.015 ≥414 ≥241
X42 0.24 1.30 0.025 0.015 ≥414 ≥290
X46 0.24 1.40 0.025 0.015 ≥434 ≥317
X52 0.24 1.40 0.025 0.015 ≥455 ≥359
X56 0.24 1.40 0.025 0.015 ≥490 ≥386
X60 0.24 1.40 0.025 0.015 ≥517 ≥414
X65 0.24 1.40 0.025 0.015 ≥531 ≥448
X70 0.24 1.40 0.025 0.015 ≥565 ≥483
X80 0.24 1.40 0.025 0.015 ≥621 ≥552

Our seamless steel pipe production is strictly regulated and all pipes in our stock have been fully tested to international standards to ensure that we only supply the best quality products.We also can supply welded steel pipes(ERW,SAW,SSAW,LSAW),galvanized steel pipes,casing pipes,butt welding pipe fittings,forged pipe fittings and forged flanges products,if you want to know more about our products,please email