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Butt welding pipe fittings

What are butt welding pipe fittings?

Butt welding pipe fittings are one of the most popular connection types in pipeline systems.Pipe fittings have the connecting end for butt welding(BW) that called butt welding pipe fittings.The butt welding pipe fittings are used to connect steel pipes or pipe fittings which have the same size and schedule butt welding ends.It is designed for changing pipe direction and pipe diameter,branching or ending a pipe system.The ends of butt welding pipe fittings are usually plain ends or bevel ends.Butt welding pipe fittings are available in sizes from ½” to 72″.

Carbon steel butt welding pipe fittings

Carbon steel butt welding pipe fittings

Commonly the butt welding pipe fittings includes:

butt welding pipe elbows: 45 degree elbow,90 degree elbow,180 degree elbow,long radius elbow(LR elbow),short radius elbow(SR elbow)

butt welding pipe tees: equal tee,reducing tee,lateral tee,barred tee,split tee

butt welding hot induction bends: 3D,5D,7D,10D bend

butt welding pipe reducers: concentric reducer,eccentric reducer

butt welding pipe cap,butt welding cross,butt welding stub end,butt welding insulation joint,butt welding saddle,etc.

Materials of butt welding pipe fittings:

The materials of butt welding pipe fittings could be carbon steel,stainless steels or alloy steels,and other alloys like the nickel-base alloy,titanium alloy.

Carbon steel: ASTM A234 WPB,ASTM A234 WPC,ASTM A420 WPL6,MSS SP-75 WPHY42,WPHY52,WPHY60,WPHY65,WPHY70,S235,S355,ST37.2,SS400,GOST CT20,etc.

Stainless steel: ASTM A403,ASTM A312,WP304,WP304L,WP316,WP316L,etc.

Alloy steel: ASTM A234 WP1,WP5,WP9,WP11,WP22,WP91,ASTM A860 WPL6,etc.

Standards of butt welding pipe fittings:

Our Haihao Group can manufacture butt welding pipe fittings as per all these standards as follows:

ANSI/ASME standard:

  • ANSI/ASME B16.9-Factory made wrought steel butt welding fittings,inculdes elbows,tees,reducers,caps dimensions.
  • ANSI/ASME B16.28-Wrought steel butt weld;short radius elbows and return

DIN EN standard:

  • DIN EN 10253-Butt welding pipe fittings,elbows,return bends,concentric and eccentric reducers,equal and reducing tees,and caps

GOST standard:

  • GOST 17375-Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings,elbow
  • GOST 17376-Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings,tee
  • GOST 17378-Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings,reducer
  • GOST 17379-Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings,cap
  • GOST 17380-Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings General specifications
  • GOST 30753-Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings sharply curved bends type 2D (R=DN) Design

JIS standard:

  • JIS B2311-Steel butt welding pipe fittings for ordinary use.
  • JIS B2312-Steel butt welding pipe fittings
  • JIS B2313-Steel plate butt welding pipe fittings

KS standard:

  • KS B1522-Steel butt welding pipe fittings for ordinary use and Fuel Gas.
  • KS B1541-Steel butt welding pipe fittings.
  • KS B1543-Steel plate butt welding pipe fittings.

MSS standard:

  • MSS SP-43-Wrought stainless steel butt welding fittings.
  • MSS SP-75-Specification for high test wrought butt welding fittings.

Chinese standard:

  • GB/T 12459
  • GB/T 13401
  • SH/T 3408
  • HGJ528
  • SY/T0510

Haihao Group have more than 30 years butt welding pipe fittings manufacture experience,we can supply suitable products as per your request.Besides these standard products,we also can supply customized butt welding pipe fittings accordingly.If you want to know more about our piping products,please email us:sales@haihaogroup.com