The difference between API 5L and API 5CT pipe

API 5L and API 5CT are both used for oil & gas industry. But they have difference on three aspects:

1.Standard difference

API 5CT: It is a standard of oil casing issued by the American Petroleum Institute.

API 5L: Refers to the pipeline pipe API 5L, which is the pipeline steel pipe standard jointly issued by ISO and API.

API 5CT Pipes

API 5CT Pipes

2.Process difference

API 5CT: The main materials are B, X42, X46, X56, X65, X70, etc. From raw materials to products before delivery, flattening test, tensile test, impact test, tensile test and other relevant tests shall be conducted.

API 5L: The production cost of stainless steel seamless pipe is obviously higher than that of welded pipe due to the micro alloying heating treatment process. Moreover, with the improvement of steel grade, such as the limitation of carbon equivalent of steel grade pipeline pipe above X80.

API 5L PSL2 X65 seamless steel pipes

API 5L PSL2 X65 seamless steel pipes

3.Use difference

API 5CT:It is mainly used to transport oil, natural gas, gas, water and other liquids and gases.

API 5L:The oil, steam and water extracted from the ground are transported to oil and natural gas industrial enterprises through pipelines.