The introduction of shot blasting

Shot blasting is a surface treatment technology of steel. It uses the centrifugal force of the impeller on the head of the shot blasting machine to shoot the abrasive to the surface of the treated steel at a high linear speed to produce a striking and grinding effect, remove the oxide scale and rust on the surface of the steel, and make it produce a certain degree of roughness.

It is widely used in the steel pretreatment line of the workshop, mainly used in the workshop for the section steel and steel plate, railway vehicles, containers and other assembled structures to clean.

Shot blasting of steel pipes

Shot blasting of steel pipes

Shot blasting is carried out under sealed conditions, with vacuum device and automatic painting. It is a highly efficient automatic assembly line operation. Its advantages mainly include the following aspects:

(1) The specified derusting level can be cleaned according to the use of steel, and a uniform finished surface can be obtained;

(2) Closed operation, no dust flying;

(3) Suitable for 5mm or more steel plate, wide flat steel and section steel;

(4) Fast speed, high efficiency and stable quality. It can be used to adjust the abrasive thickness, compressed air pressure, shot blasting time to achieve different shot polishing and cleaning quality.

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