What is the difference between working, burst and proof test pressure?

For a piping component,it will have a working pressure,proof test pressure and burst pressure.What is the difference between these pressure specifications for pipe fittings?

The working pressure is the working conditions range of the pipe fittings or flanges,normally called pressure range.

Proof test pressure for the pipe fittings or flanges,proof pressure means over-range pressure,is the maximum pressure that may be applied to the pipe fittings or flanges without changing its quality.After the pressure is released,the pipe fittings will recover to the original if the pressure is under the proof pressure limit.

Hydrostatic test for large diameter bend in Haihao Group

Hydrostatic test for large diameter bend in Haihao Group

Burst pressure is the maximum pressure that maybe applied to the piping component without physical damage. Burst pressure can be defined as the maximum pressure this pipe fitting can withstand before breaking.To a pipe fitting,when the pressure is more than burst pressure,this fitting will explode.

For example the following pressure ranges of a piping component:

Working pressure: less than 5.0 Mpa,

Proof pressure: 3times of working pressure 15.0Mpa,

Burst pressure: 6times of working pressure 30.0Mpa.

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