Technical requirements for flanges of natural gas processing FPSO

Not long ago, the commissioning of the world’s largest natural gas processing FPSO was completed. Reviewing the whole supply process, when we just received the customer’s product requirements, the engineers of the technical department of Haihao made a detailed inspection and evaluation on the requirements, finally determined that we were able to produce these products, and carried out follow-up work after detailed communication with the customer.

prefabricated products

prefabricated products

The customer’s technical requirements for some flanges of this project are as follows:

Material C-Mn

Flange design code ASME B16.5

Pressure rating ANSI 900

Flange diameter 16“

Pipe nominal outer diameter 406.4 mm

Nominal pipe wall thickness 15.9 mm

Nominal inner diameter of flange 374.6 mm

Maximum working pressure 3.8 MPa

Design pressure 6.21 MPa

The hydrostatic test pressure of the connecting pipe is 9.32MPa

Minimum design temperature – 10 ° C

Maximum temperature 68 ° C

Impact test temperature – 20 ° C

prefabricated product

prefabricated product

Haihao Group arranged the production according to the customer’s requirements, accepted the customer’s third-party quality inspection, and began to supply after everything was completed. The flange customer of this specification ordered about 10 tons. In addition to flanges, the customer subsequently ordered steel pipes, elbows, fasteners and other pipeline products in Haihao. With high-quality products and services, Haihao has once again won the recognition of customers.