Haihao participates in the supply of the world’s largest natural gas processing FPSO

On January 7, the world’s largest natural gas processing floating storage and unloading platform N999 Tortue FPSO, designed and built by Qidong COSCO Marine, completed all commissioning work. After the completion of the sea trial, it is planned to travel to the coast of Mauritania and Senegal in West Africa to serve the development of the first phase of the world-class LNG hub GTA project.

N999 Tortue FPSO

N999 Tortue FPSO

The ship is 270 meters long, 54 meters wide and 31.5 meters deep. The living area is about 22 meters long, 41 meters wide and 32 meters high, and can accommodate 140 people. The design service life is 30 years, the maximum drainage capacity is about 320000 tons, and the oil storage capacity is not less than 1.44 million barrels. After putting into use, the daily gas processing capacity can reach 500 million standard cubic feet.

Haihao Group received the inquiry for the project in 2019 and completed the supply of the project in 2020 and 2021. The main products of the project include various flanges, steel pipes and some prefabricated products. In this cooperation, the strength of Haihao Group has been recognized by customers and has obtained a series of relevant certifications. Its own strength has also been improved, and Haihao will participate more in relevant projects in the future.