ASME B18.31.2 stud bolt quality inspection

When it comes to pipeline solutions, Haihao Group stands out as a trusted leader in the industry. We are proud to present the outstanding quality inspection results of our ASME B18.31.2 stud bolt, showcasing its exceptional characteristics and reliability for critical applications.

One of the key factors that sets our stud bolt apart is its remarkable hardness. Through rigorous quality control measures, we have achieved a hardness rating of 97-98 HRB (Rockwell Hardness B scale). This high hardness ensures that our bolts can withstand intense pressure, mechanical stress, and demanding environments with ease, providing long-lasting and reliable performance.

The tensile strength of our ASME B18.31.2 stud bolt is an impressive 739 MPa (megapascals), surpassing industry standards. This measure of strength indicates the bolt’s ability to resist external forces without compromising its integrity. With such exceptional tensile strength, our bolts offer superior reliability and structural stability, providing peace of mind to our customers.

ASME B18.31.2 stud bolt

ASME B18.31.2 stud bolt

Equally remarkable is the yield strength of our stud bolt, which stands at 688 MPa. This critical parameter refers to the stress point at which the bolt exhibits permanent deformation. With a high yield strength, our bolts ensure structural integrity and maintain their performance under extreme conditions, guaranteeing the safety and longevity of your pipeline systems.

Elongation, another vital aspect of bolt performance, measures the bolt’s ability to deform without fracturing when subjected to tension. Our ASME B18.31.2 stud bolt boasts an elongation rate of 20.5%, indicating its exceptional ductility and flexibility. This characteristic allows for reliable fastening and accommodates any potential movements or vibrations within the pipeline system, ensuring long-term performance and minimizing the risk of failures.

Lastly, the rate of reduction, measured at 59%, showcases the bolt’s ability to withstand plastic deformation during the manufacturing process. This characteristic ensures that our stud bolt maintains its strength and shape, even under high-pressure conditions, guaranteeing consistent performance and secure fastening.

At Haihao Group, we are committed to delivering products of unparalleled quality and precision. Our ASME B18.31.2 stud bolt undergoes rigorous quality inspections at every stage of production to ensure its adherence to international standards. From material selection to final inspection, our dedicated quality assurance team meticulously examines each bolt, guaranteeing its exceptional performance and reliability.

Choose Haihao Group for your pipeline needs and experience the difference that superior quality and precision can make. Our ASME B18.31.2 stud bolt, with its impressive hardness, exceptional tensile and yield strength, elongation, and rate of reduction, is the perfect solution for your critical applications.

Contact Haihao Group today to discuss your project requirements and let our team of experts provide you with the reliable and high-performance pipeline solutions you deserve. Trust in Haihao Group’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Together, we will build a solid foundation for your pipeline systems.