A batch of products are ready for Singapore FPSO project

On August 22, the last batch of flanges will be shipped to the FPSO project in Singapore. From June 2020 to the last batch of supplies now, Haihao Group has supplied more than 110 batches of FPSO projects, with a total supply volume of more than 2000 tons. The last batch of goods will be loaded in Hebei, and then transported to Singapore by sea from Tianjin port. The last batch of goods was delivered, which brought a complete perfect end to the cooperation of FPSO project.

Pipeline products are ready for Singapore FPSO project

Pipeline products are ready for Singapore FPSO project

With the shortage of onshore oil resources, there will be more and more offshore oil exploration projects in the future. As a supplier of pipe fittings, Haihao Group will make more contributions to various projects. Now Haihao has the ability to manufacture pipe fittings for all kinds of operating environments. The partners of nuclear power plants, submarine pipelines and other projects that we have cooperated with are very satisfied with our products and services,we will also continue to be responsible for our products. We have a professional team to solve problems for customers before, during and after sales.

As one of the largest suppliers of pipe fittings in China, Haihao Group is capable of undertaking projects of various scales. If you have any needs, please contact us in time and we will serve you wholeheartedly.