What’s coated with zinc and fluorocarbon?

Did you meat the coating request to stud bolt and nuts coated with zinc and fluorocarbon? Zinc coating means Zinc plated,however,fluorocarbon coating refers to the coating with fluorocarbon resin as the main film-forming material, also known as fluorocarbon paint, fluorocarbon resin paint, etc. at present, the organic fluorocarbon resin used in the coating includes PTFE, PVDF, FEVE, PVF and fluoro propylene copolymer.

PTFF coating bolt and nuts

PTFF coating bolt and nuts

Fluorocarbon resin refers to the synthetic polymer materials containing fluorine atoms on the carbon atoms of the main chain or side chain. Fluoroolefin polymers or copolymers of fluoroolefins and other monomers are called fluorocarbon coatings.

Fluorocarbon paint is a kind of anticorrosive finish, two-component paint, which has the characteristics of high weather resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, self-cleaning, aging resistance, etc. Can be long-term anti-corrosion coating, anti-corrosion up to 20 years. Fluorocarbon paint is suitable for coating in harsh corrosive environment, such as areas with strong ultraviolet, coastal areas, marine environment, industrial atmosphere environment, etc. it is often coated with epoxy zinc rich primer, epoxy micaceous iron intermediate paint, etc. it can be applied to bridges, buildings, workshops, guardrails, pipes, steel structures, tanks, etc.

PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings

PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings

Combined with fluorocarbon coating supporting application system as usual,

1.Common schemes for bridges, buildings and steel structures

Epoxy zinc rich primer + epoxy micaceous iron intermediate paint + fluorocarbon paint

Inorganic zinc rich primer + epoxy sealing paint + epoxy micaceous iron intermediate paint + fluorocarbon paint

2.Common schemes for stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy and aluminum sheet

Ed1000 epoxy primer + fluorocarbon coating

3.Common scheme of concrete structure

Concrete epoxy sealing primer + epoxy intermediate coating + fluorocarbon coating.

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