Advantages of polyurethane steel plastic composite pipe

Steel plastic composite pipe, the product is seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe as the base pipe, the inner wall is coated with high adhesion, anti-corrosion, food grade health type polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating.It has good corrosion resistance and used in many industries.Main features of the product are:

Wear resistance

Due to the good elasticity of the polyurethane lining, when impacted by the medium, the polyurethane is forced to compress under the action of external force. After the external force disappears, the polyurethane returns to its original state. This kind of “soft steel” greatly reduces the wear caused by the direct strong scouring of the medium on the inner wall of the pipe, and its wear-resistant life is more than ten times that of the steel pipe.

Coated Steel Pipes

Coated Steel Pipes


The polyurethane elastomer with inner liner has a symmetrical molecular structure, which is in a nonpolar state. It can not absorb Ca2 +, CO32 -, HCO3, oh plasma in the slurry and form a scale layer. The utility model has smooth inner surface, good elasticity, and can prevent the adhesion of scale layer, so the utility model has better scale and scale inhibition performance.

Low running resistance

The inner surface is smooth and transparent, and the absolute roughness of the inner wall is 0.082, which can reduce the operation cost.

Execellentwater resistance and aging resistance.

It will not swell in water like rubber products, and its performance will not be affected.

Good combination performance

The inner lining polyurethane is closely combined with the steel pipe. The unique process is adopted. The cast polyurethane elastomer is 100% combined with the steel pipe. The unique overall flanging process will not lead to the phenomenon of falling off, hollowing and local tearing.

Light weight and convenient installation

Because the base pipe is thin-walled and relatively light in weight, the installation time base connection method can be adopted: flange connection, flexible pipe joint connection and welding connection.

Main application industry: polyurethane composite steel pipe has excellent wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, scale resistance, radiation resistance, hydrolysis aging resistance, high elasticity, mechanical impact resistance and other comprehensive properties. It can be widely used in power, welding carbon, mining, building materials, chemical industry to transport coal powder, ash, mineral powder, aluminum liquid, mud and other abrasive particles and corrosive media.

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