Purchase steel pipe and maintenance of steel pipes

How to purchase high quality steel pipe?

First,you need to cheek the surface of the steel pipe.The color is selected to be uniform and uniform,the inner and outer walls are smooth and flat,and there are no bubbles,depressions or impurities, which affect the surface performance defects.

Second you need to see if the label on the product is complete.The name or trademark of the manufacturer, the date of manufacture, the name of the product, the size of the specification, the implementation of the standard number, etc. On the steel pipe, the product name, the nominal outer diameter, the pipe series S, etc. The handwriting should be clear and the check mark should match the actual.

Third,you should buy the same brand of pipe and pipe fittings, because the raw materials of different brands may not be the same, the pipe fittings will have adverse factors, long-term use will cause leakage at the weld.

Carbon steel hot rolled steel pipes finished in Haihao Group

Carbon steel hot rolled steel pipes finished in Haihao Group

Good steel pipe quality is not high, not broken, so can not judge whether the quality of steel pipe can be broken. Since the impact resistance of the steel pipe is better than that of the real steel pipe, the steel pipe is more likely to be smashed, and the steel pipe is often broken.

How to maintenance of steel pipes?

1. Clean water: The clean water is washed with clean water to clean the inner wall of the steel pipe, but the impurities such as calcium and magnesium ionic scales and biological slime adhering to the inner wall of the steel pipe cannot be completely removed, and the effect is not obvious.

2. Syrup cleaning: The syrup cleaning is to add chemical reagents to the water, but the chemical composition is corrosive to the steel pipe, and also shortens the life of the steel pipe, which is a practice of simmering and fishing, and is not desirable.

3. Physical cleaning: Nowadays, the working principle of this kind of cleaning is basically based on compressed air. The launcher uses a launcher to fire a special projectile larger than the inner diameter of the pipeline to move it along the inner wall of the pipeline at a high speed and fully rub it. Clean the inner wall of the pipe. This method has obvious cleaning effect and basically no harm to the pipeline.

3PE steel pipes

3PE steel pipes

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