Enhancing connectivity through one belt one road: Haihao Group empowering southeast Asia’s waterworks projects

In recent years, the One Belt One Road policy has fostered increased trade and cooperation between China and Southeast Asia, opening up new opportunities for businesses like Haihao Group. As a leading pipe and fittings manufacturer, Haihao Group has been actively participating in various projects in Southeast Asia. Recently we got an order  from a customer in Thailand.

Thailand, a vibrant country in Southeast Asia, is undergoing rapid development and urbanization. To meet the growing demands of the local waterworks infrastructure, Haihao Group received an order for a batch of high-quality pipes. The customer specifically requested ASTM A53 material, SCH40 thickness, and WRAS-compliant pipes, all of which are essential for ensuring safe and efficient water transportation and distribution.

The ASTM A53 material used in the pipes ensures excellent durability and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for the challenging environmental conditions often encountered in waterworks projects. The SCH40 thickness provides the pipes with sufficient strength to handle water pressure and flow rates effectively.

ASME B36.10M A53 GR steel pipes

ASME B36.10M A53 GR steel pipes

Moreover, the pipes are WRAS-compliant, which means they meet the high standards set by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. The compliance ensures that the pipes are safe and suitable for use in potable water applications, safeguarding the health and well-being of local communities.

Haihao Group takes great pride in contributing to Thailand’s water infrastructure development. As a trusted partner in Southeast Asia, the company is committed to delivering superior products that adhere to international quality standards. The customer’s order highlights Haihao’s dedication to providing tailored solutions for the specific needs of waterworks projects, ensuring seamless water supply for growing populations.

By actively participating in such projects, Haihao Group not only strengthens trade ties between China and Southeast Asia but also fosters goodwill and cooperation in the region. The One Belt One Road initiative serves as a conduit for mutually beneficial partnerships, promoting economic growth and sustainable development in Southeast Asia.

In conclusion, Haihao Group’s recent project order from Thailand underscores its commitment to supporting Southeast Asia’s waterworks infrastructure development. Through the One Belt One Road policy, the company continues to contribute to the region’s prosperity by providing high-quality products and expertise for vital projects. As trade and cooperation between China and Southeast Asia continue to grow, Haihao Group remains dedicated to empowering the region’s progress with its cutting-edge solutions and comprehensive services.