How to distinguish the authenticity of stainless steel pipe fittings?

Because the stainless steel pipe fittings are the joints designed to work under various working conditions,it is very important to select the right stainless steel pipe fittings, so how to distinguish them?(Effect of heat treatment of stainless steel pipe fittings)

Stainless steel forged threaded elbow A182 F316 90 degree

Stainless steel forged threaded elbow A182 F316 90 degree

  1. Comparison items: tooth front and pitch:
  2. According to the standard naked eye, the tooth front is sharp, the tooth pitch is even and bright.
  3. Hand feeling: smooth tooth front, standard processing depth, uniform core and wall, smooth flow parts.
  4. After mechanical treatment before delivery, the surface is free of clamps and sundries.
  5. Low carbon content, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, toughness and pressure resistance.
  6. Rough construction, unfavourable and thick tooth front, irregular tooth pitch, sometimes damaged tooth front, easy to leak
  7. The thread is not glossy, and the hand feeling is poor,
  8. The core is crooked, the wall thickness is uneven, and the fluid is easy to block after.
  9. Rough, surface not treated, easy to be oxidized
  10. High carbon content, corrosion resistance, poor toughness and tensile strength.
Stainless steel pipe fittings

Stainless steel pipe fittings

Stainless steel has unique corrosion resistance. It can react with oxidant to form a thin and dense oxide film, which is used to prevent further oxidation reaction.

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