Hydraulic test of pipe fittings

In order to ensure the safe operation of the products (pipes, vessels, pipe fittings, etc.) and to ensure their strength and sealing performance, it is generally higher than the working pressure (according to the regulations, the working pressure can be 1.25 times or 1.5 times the working pressure) In the pressure test, water is incompressible, so it is tested as a medium, and it is impossible to explode, requiring air to be exhausted during the test. The test often adopts the step-up method. When testing, the deformation and leakage of the equipment are checked. After the test pressure, the pressure is kept for a certain period of time.

The water pressure test is a penetration test conducted in a borehole. It is a plug that isolates the borehole from a certain length of the borehole, and then pressurizes the borehole at a certain pressure to measure the indentation flow at the corresponding pressure. It is a common method to evaluate the permeability of the pipe by characterizing the water permeability of the hole section under the pressure of the unit test section length under a certain force.

Hydrostatic test for large diameter bend in Haihao Group

Hydrostatic test for large diameter bend in Haihao Group

Method of hydraulic test:

Pre-test phase

The water pressure in the pipeline is gradually raised to the specified test pressure and stabilized for 30 minutes. If there is pressure drop, the water pressure can be filled and the pressure should not be higher than the test pressure;

Check for leaks and damage at pipe joints, fittings, etc.

When there is water leakage or damage, stop the pressure test in time, find out the cause and take corresponding measures to re-test.

Hydrostatic test for large diameter custom pipe bend

Hydrostatic test for large diameter custom pipe bend

Main test phase

Stop the water injection and stabilize the pressure for 15 minutes. After the pressure drop does not exceed the allowable pressure drop value after 15 minutes, the test pressure will reach the working pressure and maintain the constant pressure for 30 minutes. If there is no water leakage in the visual inspection, the water pressure test is qualified.

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