Principles and characteristics of high frequency welding

High frequency welding principle:

With the skin effect of the high-frequency current, the high-frequency electric energy can be concentrated on the surface layer of the weldment,and the proximity effect can be used to control the position and range of the high-frequency current flow path. When the high-frequency current is required to concentrate on a certain part of the weldment,this requirement can be achieved by forming a current loop between the conductor and the weldment and bringing the conductor close to the portion of the weldment so that they form adjacent conductors with each other.High-frequency welding is based on the specific form and special requirements of the weldment structure,mainly using the skin effect and the proximity effect,so that the surface metal of the weldment to be welded can be heated quickly to achieve welding.

High frequency welding straight seam steel pipes

High frequency welding straight seam steel pipes

High frequency welding has the following characteristics:

  1. Since the current is highly concentrated in the welding zone,the heating speed is extremely fast,so the welding speed can be as high as 150 to 200 m/min.
  2. Because of the fast welding speed,the weldment has strong self-cooling effect,so not only the heat affected zone is small, but also oxidation is not easy,so the microstructure and performance of the weld are very good.
  3. The surface of the weldment before welding can be cleaned without increasing the efficiency.
  4. A wide variety of metals can be welded,and the shape and specifications of the products are many.