Hydrostatic testing of the plain end

Hydrostatic testing requires the element to be fully filled with test medium, such as water.Slowly apply pressure to the test medium until the required test pressure is achieved.This pressure is maintained for the required time, at which point the component can be visually examined to determine the leak location.Traditional test methods involve welding a cap at the end of the pipe, then cutting the cap and retilting the end of the pipe, while newer and more advanced methods use external or internal gripping plugs.

Hydrostatic test for large diameter bend in Haihao Group

Hydrostatic test for large diameter bend in Haihao Group

Haihao’s hydrostatic test solution is mainly used to test open end pipes, pipe spindles or pipe systems with an outside diameter of 3658 mm (144 “).The test pressure varies from service to service and pipe size,and in some applications our tools can meet 14,000 psi.Our application engineers have experience in a variety of challenging applications and professional/custom tool design and will ensure that the right tools are used to optimize cost and time.In addition, trained and qualified field service engineers will provide this service safely and accurately on site.

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