Introduction of fusion bonded epoxies piping coating or lining

Pipe coating or lining can protect the piping goods from corrosion effectively.Fusion Bonded Epoxies(FBE) is one important way for pipe coating or Lining.

Fusion bonded epoxies are a one part, heat curable, thermosetting epoxy. FBEs are applied to heated parts in a powder form (10-40 mils) that rapidly gels from liquid to a solid, have excellent adhesion to the steel surface, and are very resilient coatings that resist damage during handling. FBEs are considered environmentally friendly since they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

FBE coating for steel pipe

FBE coating for steel pipe

FBE should be applied immediately following the heating process to avoid excess pipe cool down (if the pipe cools below 450° F the FBE may not fully cure). The powder is generally applied using semi-automated application rings, electrostatic guns or flocking units to a minimum thickness of 14 to 16 mils. The FBE material is generally applied in several passes of 2 to 5 mils and should always be completed in an expedient manner to avoid lamination. The FBE will usually be dry to the touch in less than a minute and be fully cured within three minutes or less depending on the formulation of the material.

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