New breakthrough-successful docking of nuclear power projects

What is the worst application environment for pipe fittings?We all know that the working environment of pipe fittings on land is relatively stable,while the environment on the seabed is more complicated than that on land.However there is another environment worse than that on the seabed,which is the pipe fitting operation environment in the nuclear power project.As we all know,Iron and steel are subject to oxidation reaction and corrosion,and high temperature will undoubtedly accelerate the reaction.Products that can work stably in nuclear power project are certainly high-quality products that can stand the test.Haihao group has the honor to participate in Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Phase II Project and has achieved excellent results.

Nuclear power projects

Nuclear power projects

During the operation of nuclear power station,there is a key link called cooling.As we all know,a large amount of heat will be generated during the nuclear reaction.To ensure the reaction is maintained at a controllable level,the temperature must be controlled.The way for cooling is to transfer the hot gas to coolant though pipes to complete the cooling.In this process,the pipes will withstand the high temperature test,and the pipes made of ordinary materials are easily oxidized in high temperature environment.Long-term use will lead to the risk of nuclear leakage.Therefore special pipelines conforming to nuclear power standards are generally used in nuclear power plant projects.

Haihao group has advanced manufacturing technology.According to the material requirements and construction period requirements of the project,we can quickly formulate plans and put into production.Valve products on nuclear power plant pipelines cannot use cast iron materials.So we improved the production process and used special alloys as materials. And we successfully controlled chlorine,fluorine and sulfur ions in non-metallic materials such as fillers and gaskets.More than 40years of production experience,we have the ability to manufacture various high-performance stainless steel pipe fittings.At present,Haihao’s pipe fittings,flanges, and tees have been put into use and the effect is excellent.