What are 3LPE coated elbows?

3LPE coated elbows generally consists of three layers: the first layer of epoxy powder, the second layer of adhesive, and the third layer of polyethylene. PE elbow is a process of elbow anticorrosion. Due to the issues of production equipment and the shape and size of the elbow itself, the 3LPE  technology of the elbow cannot be realized, and it is generally replaced by radiation crosslinked polyethylene heat shrinkable tape. Radiation crosslinked polyethylene heat shrinkable tape series products are designed for corrosion prevention of welded junctions of buried and overhead steel pipelines and thermal insulation joint coating of thermal insulation pipelines. It is composed of radiation crosslinked polyolefin base material and special sealing hot melt adhesive.

The special sealing hot melt adhesive can form good adhesion with polyolefin base material, pipe surface and solid epoxy coating. Its characteristics: high mechanical strength, strong aging resistance, good environmental stress resistance, excellent bonding performance, easy to use.

In the previous order, there were many 3LPE and 3LPP pipes provided to clients, and the process was faster than elbow. In an order just completed for our regular client, he ordered nearly 500 3LPE elbows, 8 “45 degrees and 90 degrees, and 10” 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Attached the actual finished product photos reference.

3LPE Coated 90 Degree Elbows and 45 Degree Elbows

3LPE Coated 90 Degree Elbows and 45 Degree Elbows