What is a FPSO?

With more and more exploiting of seabed oil, FPSO is also applied to the oil projects a lot. We know that if we want to exploit the oil on the sea floor, we need to establish a base. However, for some small-scale oil fields, the cost of base construction may be far higher than the future income, so FPSO is needed.



There are generally two forms of FPSO Construction: cruise ship reconstruction or direct construction. At present, most FPSO are cruise ship reconstruction, because the reconstruction cost is lower than the direct construction cost. In addition to low cost, FPSO has an incomparable advantage over oil base. It can be moved. If a project on a small oil field is completed, the FPSO can be moved to the next place, which provides great convenience for offshore operations.

In the process of transforming cruise ships into FPSO, a large number of pipe fittings, flanges, steel pipes and other products are required. Due to offshore operations, the corrosion resistance of these products is better than that of conventional products. Haihao Group has provided more than 2000 tons of high-quality products in the Singapore FPSO project cooperated with SEMBCORP group, which is highly recognized by customers. If you need related products, please contact us at the first time. We have rich experience in project cooperation and can help you solve your problems.