What is ASTM A105 steel flange?

ASTM A105 steel flange means the steel flange made from ASTM A105 material.ASTM A105 is a material of carbon steel forgings for piping application,it is used to produce the steel flanges and forged steel pipe fittings.A105 is the most common carbon steel materials in ANSI and ASME standard.

ASTM A105 raw material for steel flanges

ASTM A105 steel materials could be used for ANSI/ASME B16.5 and B16.47 steel flanges,includes the weld neck flange,blind flange,slip on flange,socket flange,threaded flange etc.And A105 is also the material of orifice flange of B16.48.

Steel forgings of A105 flange after forged

Besides the ANSI and ASME standard flange,A105 material is also widely used to produce the flanges in other national standard,like the AS2129 standard(Australia Standard Flange),or EN flange standard,JIS flange standard.Furthermore,the A105 also could be used to produce special designed flanges as per request,they are also A105 steel flange.

ASTM A105 steel flanges packed in our factory

Haihao Flange Factory can produce and supply various standards A105 steel flanges.They are regular flange products in our company.After more than 30 years development,Hebei Haihao Group obtained the recognition from the clients and end users of domestic markets and all over the world.We have world-famous customers,such as Exxon Mobil,Shell,CNPC,SINOPEC,Unilever,Chevron,Pemex,Petrobras,Hyandai etc.