What is the mean of FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading)

FPSO is an acronym for Floating Production Storage and Offloading. FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) is a floating vessel located near an offshore oil field, usually based on (converted) a oil tanker hull. It is equipped with hydrocarbon processing equipment for separation and treatment of crude oil, water and gases, arriving on board from sub-sea oil wells via flexible pipelines. FPSO has become the mainstream of the offshore oil and gas production field because of the advantages of transferable and reusable.

FPSO Floating Production Storage and Offloading

FPSO Floating Production Storage and Offloading

FPSO(Floating Production Storage and Offloading) Define:

Production – The ‘P’ in the FPSO stands for production.Production refers to evolve the crude oil obtained from the deeper parts of the ocean.Hydrocarbons are produced in seabed wells and this is transported to the FPSO via flowlines and risers.The hydrocarbons are then separated into oil, gas, water and impurities via the production facilities on the deck of the FPSO.

  • Flowlines – Flowlines carry hydrocarbons directly from seabed well. These can be flexible or rigid.
  • Risers – Developed for vertical transportation. This is the section of the line from the seabed to the topside.

Storage – The ‘S’ in the FPSO stands for storage,it is the second most important feature. FPSO can storage the distilled product from the crude raw-material with its tubes,pipes and tanks.They are safe and sturdy so as to resist any chances of unwanted oil spillage and thus contamination of the marine life-forms.

Offloading – The ‘O’ in the FPSO stands for offloading.Offloading refers to removing the gathered contents in a FPSO and transferring it to additional transfer conduits.

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