Why do you need PTFE lined pipe fittings?

Line pipes systems are widely used in the most of the ChemicalsPetrochemicalsFood industriesPharmaceuticals.Due to the highly acidic and corrosive nature of these chemicals, they have a tendency to corrode and corrode the steel piping which are used as conveyors,making the conveying system useless and unsafe.To avoid the economic loss caused by pipeline corrosion,PTFE lined pipe fittings must be used.

What are PTFE lined pipe fittings?

PTFE lined pipe fittings and PTFE lined steel pipes with PTFE as raw materials,the steel pipes/pipe fittings are well integrated with PTFE by the processing of moulding and tight lining.The products not only have the original rigidity of  steel parts,but also increases the anti-corrosion performance,which can transport all kinds of chemicals and dangerous chemicals with high temperature and strong corrosion, solving a big problem in the chemical industry, medicine and food industry.

To avoid depleting the material and arrests the growth of corrosion inside the conveying system, a long sleeve or tube made of PTFE is inserted inside the steel pipes, bends, tees, reducers, spacers, valves and all fittings installed in the whole pipeline. Due to the inertness of PTFE to almost all chemicals and solvents, it acts as an effective barrier between the chemical and steel, thus not only protecting the conveying system, but also safe guarding the working environment. Corrosion engineers realise the long-term benefits associated with using high performance fluoropolymers to prevent corrosion in process piping systems.

Lined pipes and fittings have excellent temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings

PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings

It is ideal for the transportation of strong corrosive media such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosgene, chlorine gas, aqua regia, mixed acid, bromide and other organic solvents.It can run stably under the extreme negative pressure working condition of high temperature (within 150 ℃) for a long time and has been widely used in many high temperature and negative pressure systems such as distillation,and has been widely used in many high temperature and negative pressure systems such as distillation.

For its processing technology, we need to know that the straight tube part adopts the processing technology of tight lining tetrafluoroethylene, which directly pulls the PTFE tube into the seamless 20# steel tube, and then flanges the tetrafluoroethylene tube at both ends to the flange sealing surface.For pipe fittings such as elbow, tee and reducing pipe, the molding process is adopted. Firstly, the mold is installed on the pipe fitting. Then, tetrafluoride powder is added to the joint between the pipe fitting and the mold.

The requirement of pipe fittings and flanges for PTFE lined.

Pipe fittings are made of seam steel pipes. Due to process requirements, the effective diameter of the pipe inside the lining is smaller than the nominal diameter of the steel pipe. Designers and users determine the diameter of the steel pipe after necessary effective flow standards.

The flange can be according to user’s requirements according to HG, GB, JB, ANSI, JIS, BS, DIN and other standards. It can be forged or determined by contract. Due to the processing technology of the sealing surface, it is recommended to use plate flange and WN The sealing surface is a flat seal type. In order to facilitate pipeline installation, the loose flange with flat welding ring can be provided for users.

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